PLANET - Saturn, Venus

ZODIAC - Aquarius, Taurus, Saggitarius

BIRTHSTONE - September, December

CHAKRA - 5th / Throat Chakra





Lapis Lazuli translates the the 'stone of Lazhward', the name of where it came to be associated with, and eventually its colour . The english 'azure', French - 'azur'.

The beautiful blues in paintings from the Renaissance are thanks to the blue of Lapis Lazuli, the opaque blue gem material that was the secret ingredient in ultramarine, the valuable pigment that all the old masters used to capture the rich blues of the sea and sky and the robes of the Virgin Mary. The color wasn't duplicated by any other substance until 1834 but even now, some argue there is no substitute: unlike other pigments, ultramarine centuries old still glows with rich color today.

Lapis is not a mineral but a rock coloured by lazunite. It contains sodalite minerals and small particles of white calcite and of pyrite crystals. Being a rock of varying composition its phyisical properties are variable.




Helps with sinus ailments.                                         

Helps with headaches.                                                      

A good pain relief.                                                      

Helps the pituitary glands. 


Boosts creativity.                                                        

Builds self-confidence.                                                

Aids truthfulness.                                                       

Clears the mind and the past. 




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